Posted by: happywren | August 8, 2016

From the Treetop

I have been busy sewing again and thinking too. Thinking about how quiet my house will be in just a couple of years. Thinking about life in general I guess. When your kids up and grow up on you it is a mixed bag of emotions, that is for sure! So because sewing is my therapy and calm, I have been doing lots of it.


I made this beautiful baby quilt for a friend. Some pieces and blocks were created from scraps that I used up from another quilt I have started.


Here it is in progress….I love the red and blue color combination. So vintage and retro! I decided to do something fun and colorful and outside of what I would normally pick. The trouble is I didn’t realize how big the blocks were going to be and I cut enough to make 28 of them! I am thinking two quits now….and they will be cute in the guest room upstairs.

Here is the pattern I am using:


I loved this pattern the moment I found it. It is so cheery and happy!

Well, this is a glimpse from the treetop today! Hope you all are well and have something fun you are working on! Oh, the treetop, what is that you say?? Well, I chose the perfect room upstairs in my new home that happens to have a nice window to look out of. Our house is very tall and when I am up here sewing, I feel like I am in the treetops! Cause I kinda am and being a happy wren and all just seems to fit quite perfectly!


I am off to run errands at the Amish today. Picking up some veggies and more white fabric because, well, I grossly underestimated how much I needed. Have a wonderful day everyone!

🌻The Happy Wren


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