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From the Treetop

I have been busy sewing again and thinking too. Thinking about how quiet my house will be in just a couple of years. Thinking about life in general I guess. When your kids up and grow up on you it is a mixed bag of emotions, that is for sure! So because sewing is my therapy and calm, I have been doing lots of it.


I made this beautiful baby quilt for a friend. Some pieces and blocks were created from scraps that I used up from another quilt I have started.


Here it is in progress….I love the red and blue color combination. So vintage and retro! I decided to do something fun and colorful and outside of what I would normally pick. The trouble is I didn’t realize how big the blocks were going to be and I cut enough to make 28 of them! I am thinking two quits now….and they will be cute in the guest room upstairs.

Here is the pattern I am using:


I loved this pattern the moment I found it. It is so cheery and happy!

Well, this is a glimpse from the treetop today! Hope you all are well and have something fun you are working on! Oh, the treetop, what is that you say?? Well, I chose the perfect room upstairs in my new home that happens to have a nice window to look out of. Our house is very tall and when I am up here sewing, I feel like I am in the treetops! Cause I kinda am and being a happy wren and all just seems to fit quite perfectly!


I am off to run errands at the Amish today. Picking up some veggies and more white fabric because, well, I grossly underestimated how much I needed. Have a wonderful day everyone!

ūüĆĽThe Happy Wren

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Here We Go….AGAIN!

I don’t know what it is that keeps me away. Life I suppose ūüôā Here it’s been a couple of years. Are you all still there? I was just curious.

So let’s see….what is new on this side of the globe? Well, we graduated our daughter who since has been interning to do saddle making and leather working. She is dating a wonderful young man who we absolutely adore! She is working and is very happy. Our son has one year left with us before he wants to join the military. He loves helping our little old ladies at church with their projects and both are driving, have vehicles of their own and learning to navigate this whole adulthood/almost adult phase in life.

And we’ve moved….again! To another farm not far from where we were before. Totally downsized to a couple of horses, some dogs, chickens and cats. A much larger house and smaller property (one without fences that have creeks to wash them out). Literally, we JUST moved a couple of weeks ago. I am sitting here still in boxes and no curtains up yet. I haven’t even had a working stove. This large house is a fixer upper and so in between fixing up and unpacking….it’s been a little nuts. But….this is my dream home. I’ll share with you how this all came about soon and it’s a great story. While helping my parents last year, we found this house right beside them and really prayed and here we are. The Lord just worked and moved on our behalf. It’s beautiful…..mostly. It will be once we are done.

Speaking of my folks….we’ve been helping them out a lot. That kind of happens doesn’t it. Actually, it seems to go back and forth. Helping them, them helping us. Sure makes it nice being neighbors now. This really was part of our plan. Should something major happen down the road, we are right here. Should something worse than major happen, they can move in with us. Meanwhile…we look forward to a full happy home where our children (and future in laws and grandchildren) can gather and stay and laugh and play and let this ol’ gal spoil them while they are here.

So I hope this is forever! I certainly am counting on it! After all the painting and renovations are done, I don’t ever want to leave. This truly is my dream and I’m planted. Speaking of planting…been doing that too. Yeah, I may not have all the boxes opened up and put away, but by golly I’ve started a rose garden! You betcha! This is a blank slate all around. Being alone and neglected for so long, this abandoned beauty could use a face lift.

And lastly….I have…..a sewing room. Yes. An actual room where my sewing stuff can live and be scattered and even have conversations if they want! What a thought! And just as soon as I am all nested I have plans to make a run to start a new quilt. Hopefully a wedding quilt for sometime when it is needed in the future. Until then stay tuned! I will be back! I have much more time now that I have finished my herbalist training.

Blessings….wherever you are…if you are still there. It’s nice to be here again ūüôā





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Taming the Tension Beast

If you have kept up with my once a year post…you would see that I have not sewn in quite some time. I used to teach some stitchery classes for the kids at our local coop…but I even put that away. Now that I have been facing some health issues and the looming fact that my daughter and I will both graduate this year…well, can I just say that stress has become more of an unwelcome guest in my home? So, I was thinking the other day about my stress level. Thinking about all the to-do’s and the upcoming tasks I must organize. I was feeling frazzled and just overall uneasy. My mom had been working on a couple of baby quilts for some mutual friends and I was admiring the blocks and running my hands down the recently purchased fabric and it suddenly hit me….I MISS THIS! I miss this so much! I miss the feel of the fabric, the whurr of the machine, the calming cadence of the needle pulling through fabric. So….a couple weeks ago I did something about it. I organized all of the buckets that had been moved out of my office (aka my sewing stuff–and yes, there were many) and pulled out my quilt. Do you remember that quilt I started like four years ago? If not, here’s a reminder….IMG_0210[1]So I IMG_0211[1]

started sewing again. I finished up a project for my mom that needed to be hand-quilted and am saving that back for Christmas. But this quilt is important to me. Not only did I invest a lot of money to get the fabric, but I also spend many hours cutting that fabric and tracing the paper-piecing sections as well. Since I have started sewing again, I have started feeling much better. Things just have calmed down for me mentally, and I can feel like I am feeding that creative beast that lives inside of me. Why in the world did I throw my therapy into a box and put it into a closet? I am not sure. But she is back…somewhat….for now. I don’t know what this will mean for my blog since I’ve not blogged a whole lot, but I do know that I hope to get back to this more in the days and weeks ahead.

So while I might have my desk full of herbal companions and my laptop running on full steam getting through the end of my Clinical training…in the quiet times in between I will have my sewing. And in the process of making, I will be undoing all the stress that tends to accumulate over these busy days.

It is good to see you all again…wherever you are! I hope this encourages you to get back at it. I am so glad I did.

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And Moving On…

Oh my gosh how time flies! I was thinking a couple of days ago about how long it had been since I checked in with you all. We sure had a fun thing going didn’t we? Well, life for me has moved on. I’ve no time to sew at all actually. I’ve dove head-on into the world of herbs and continuing to take my courses to earn my Clinical Herbalist Degree and have now set up my business at We are now making many healing herbal salves and yummy goat milk soaps and some other things as well. We’ve been featured in a local newspaper (click this link to read the article¬†, getting ready to have an ad in Herb Quarterly Magazine and are seeing our products fly out the door and off the shelves at our local Amish stores. I love getting calls from people who need help with things and have questions. I also have another big project going…but it’s a secret! So if you are at all interested in anything herbal, please take the time to go to the website and also check out our facebook page. You can sign up to join our FB page and you will get emails of upcoming activities and specials. It is a very exciting time, and we will give a sneak peak soon as to the exciting new product to launch towards the end of the year. I have never been so busy in my life…and never so amazed at how the Lord in working to make these things possible. It is crazy good!

Since checking in with you all over a year ago, so much has taken place in our lives. My children are now both teens and have a life of their own. I am simply the one who buys groceries and shuttles them to their next activity…no…it’s not completely true. It’s an ever evolving relationship with them. They keep growing and changing and we keep adapting! We still homeschool and find the blessings of being with them a little longer while they are getting ready before long to head out into that great big wide world. They are enjoying enrichment classes with friends, taking up new hobbies, refining talents, making plans for their futures and just having a great time being kids. Oh how I wish this would last!

Our farm life has cut back in order to make way for new things. We don’t have as many critters as we did, and that is ok with me! Time has to adjust and priorities set. We still love it where we are and have made so many wonderful improvements to our place. We’ve added a rose garden with gravel pathways, a new patio, picket fencing, a raised garden and the herb garden is so full I’ve got to move things around this spring. Still have so many little things to do, but the big stuff is primarily done. It is so relaxing being here. It is a peaceful haven that I never get tired of. Moving here has changed our lives for the better. We are truly happy.

So I leave you for now in the sewing world, but I am happy to say I have not left you for good! A new direction in life only means good things if you choose to do the things that the Lord has called you to do. I pray blessings over each and every one of you. I thank you for following me and encouraging me while going through the ups and downs of life and working through the projects. You are amazing, talented people and I am so blessed to have you as friends.

Sincerely, Nichole


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Life Paused…

Here I am again….was dishing up icecream and got to thinking about you all…isn’t that sweet? ūüôā Well, I have no excuse for myself. Life has just caused me to push “pause” on this blog. I’ve sewn nothing, not one little thing, no even a button in months. Here’s what we have accomplished around here though. I wouldn’t want you to think we haven’t been doing anything!!!


Raised and sold all the puppies. Fixed the fence, over and over and over again (which finally, after much chasing down and scolding–kept the guard dogs in!). Assisted in 14 births for our goats. Goat issues. Goat issues resolved.¬†Chicken issues. Chicken issues resolved.¬†Raised meat chickens. Processed chickens. Froze chickens. Bought chicks, raised chicks.Got a case of farm burn-out. Sold 19 goats, finished up outside projects….for now. Raised seedlings and got a garden in. Weeded garden, over and over again. Watered garden. Tore out part of the front yard and made a rose garden (no, that was not essential, but it’s beautiful). Finished up teaching coop classes. Learned how to do¬†punch-needle.¬†Finished up indoor house projects.¬†Brought daughter’s horse home so she can now ride. Made it through VBS, a church mission trip, baseball season and starting to can produce now.

So this is what we’ve been doing….whew! Here’s what else that is a major deal…I realized during all the major farm stuff that not only was I burned out, but that I was building up this huge farm operation only to have my right arm (aka my daughter) be ready for college in three years. So, after some thinking, praying and discussing with my other arm (aka my husband)…we decided now was the time for me to go back to school. I am taking courses to become a Professional Herbalist. It is a two year program and I’ve been at it for about two months. It is a natural progression to my interest in all things green. My salve is selling so well, and so was my soap, I was beginning to get phone calls from random people wanting to know what else I made or if I could give some advice on ailments. Feeling so strongly that I needed to increase my knowledge base, well, this course that I’ve entertained in the back of my mind finally entered the perfect moment in life for me. So, I took the plunge. It has been amazing!

So, here is what is up and coming for our family…..


School for me, school for the kids, more¬†canning, no more teaching (for now), continuing our work in the church, less farm work and more farm enjoyment…and hopefully¬†we can convince the Lord to send us some rain! We are dry as a bone!

That’s about it. We have plenty on the list for this fall, but for now it’s just too hot to do anything but essentials at the moment. I hope that you all are well. Just wanted to give you an update from us…so until next time, that’s us…paused button pushed but feeling like we are always on fast forward.


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A Lengthy Update–How Are You??

Howdy ya’ll! Well, it’s about time. I know….I’m severly neglectful of you all. Not meaning too, just as always life has more planned for me than these two hands can hold! Here’s a few pictures of what’s been going on since November the 18th….and oh boy have they been fun! ūüôā

¬†This was taken just after they were born….we had 8 puppies total. Rhubi had them right in my lap in the barn. They were so cute and snuggly! We kept one pup and called her Jenny…

little bundles of joy

Then we had the daddy dog Jobe fixed. After two months of a lot of puppy care and finding them homes, we decided that was just the better option! But oh we’ve enjoyed them. Nothing in the world is cuter than a stall full of bouncing piles of fluff balls that want your complete attention! As they got bigger and bigger, it was harder to get in and out! I miss the ones that have new homes. I can still see their precious little faces!

i’m growing fast!

I don’t have a picture of Jenny that is recent….but she is a lot bigger now, all legs!!!

Now that the pup is in training, we have turned our focus to the goat babies that will be due next month! 8 does are due mid March. 7 of them are first timers and so I am a little nervous about that. Just praying all goes well. We’ve been working on the barn creating seperate stalls for all of them. There is always something to do around here! But we have made good progress and feel like things are finally starting to get done!
So, inside the house, we’ve added our woodstove, finished up most of the projects and even, as of a couple of days ago, hung the last few things in my sewing room!
my sewing room

It’s been a long time in coming and these days the only thing I get done in there is pay the bills and work on school lesson plans and such. But, now that things look more functional, maybe they will be more functional too??? There is ALWAYS hope!!

But I have been working on a little something…let’s call it a new addiction!

wool thread cabinet

Do you see the cabinet here? Well it is full of wool thread that is used for Punch Needle Embroidery as well as other stuff. My mom got me this as an early birthday present. We took a class together at Primitive Stitches in the ‘burg. My friend Melissa spent a few hours showing us how it was done, and we are hooked! We left there saying, “why didn’t we do this sooner? It’s so easy!” And we’ve been obsessed ever since! So here’s the cabinet, and now here’s a couple of pictures of projects i’ve been working on.

If you aren’t familiar with Punch Needle Embroidery, well it’s kind of like miniature rug hooking. You punch through the fabric using a special tool. It’s just embroidery floss, can you believe it? You punch the design on the reverse side and then it makes loops on the other side. It goes very fast and really takes little skill. It creates beautiful results
Pattern by Brenda Gervais

that can be used in many ways. I framed this one, but they can be mounted on wooden paddles and even baskets. I take a small kit with me when I am waiting on my kids….it is relaxing for me and because it goes fast, well I feel like I am getting something accomplished! Who doesn’t love that? I know you will love it if you give it a try….not that you needed anything else to do either!

Pattern by Brenda Gervais

I would love to design some patterns to do in punchneedle…if I can ever catch my breath!

Ok, so what else is new here? Well the kids keep growing and speaking of growing, I’m dreaming about my future garden. Starting to get things in mind for where I want to put the beds, and how to keep deer out of the baby fruit trees I want to plant. I’ve got a few weeks, but thinking about starting some heirloom tomato seedlings as these are my absolute favorite!
Lastly, I wanted to share some sample packages of my soap and salve that I make. I’ve really gotten in to it and have had a chance to catch my breath a little bit through a sad circimstance. The Amish store where I sell my salve burned last month. They are diligently rebuilding, but through this I’ve taken some time to work on my packaging and gearing up for their reopening. I hope that I can get in to more stores. Soon I will have our farm website up and running and will connect to my blog. So if you decide that this is something that you can’t live without, then you can shop too!
gift baskets from Leap of Faith Farm

Here is a sample gift basket with Herbal Healing Salve and soap wrapped in parchment and tied with raffia ribbon. Soap scents are Sweet Pumpkin, Bergamot-Violet, Island Beach Baby, White Chocolate Raspberry and Almond Delight. Yummy!!!!

handmade goat milk soap

Aren’t they beautiful? Oh, they smell so good and are so wonderful on the skin. Lots of creamy, foamy lather. Soap sales are really taking off. Right now I’m selling more soap than salve!

Herbal Healing Salve and Goat Milk Soap

I’m still working on the new jars and labels for both. Have to make a change because of availability.

The other fun thing I’m doing is teaching at the COOP again. This time I am teaching quilting to 8 girls and 1 young man. We are two sessions in and the girls from my last class have really taken off. I’ve got a few newbies that I am working on. We are making a 9 patch block and quilting it by hand. We are creating our own designs in the plain blocks. They are turning out so cute! It’s a lot of fun and I am glad to teach.
I feel like I am ready for spring. I think that my mind is ready for daydreamy days without responsibility. The kids roaming free outside, baby goats taking first steps on fresh grass. We’ve not had much for winter, and I am so glad after our last winter. But until then we make do with what is to be done inside and just let our minds wander to the fun things now and ahead. I hope you are having a good season of catching up on all those things you’ve been putting off until you were trapped inside. Better get on it! Spring will be here before you know it! Until then, and until the next post, happy sewing and many blessings! Nichole
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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! I hope things are well with you all! We are having a nice relaxing day, and spreading out Christmas to make the most of it! May the Lord bless you wherever you are and hope that you are spending the day surrounded by the people you love (or your critters!) ūüôā

Well, as usual these days, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you. Let’s just say that we are knee deep in puppies! They are so sweet and we have enjoyed these fuzz balls so very much! All but one has a home, and in a few weeks they will make their way to them. I will be most sad, but then can focus on training our puppy that we are keeping, and get ready for all the baby goats that will be on their way come March. My daughter has been riding her horse here at home and it is a great sight to see after all the wait. We stay busy here, so much so that I have not sewn since teaching my class at our coop. I will be doing a part 2 class for the girls come January. So been getting ready for that.

We are in the process of setting up a farm website and I will connect these two together so that hopefully here in a few months when things get somewhat “caught up” I can update both sites at the same time, and you will be able to shop through our farm site. I will be offering my Herbal Healing Salve, Homemade Goat’s Milk Soap (and let me tell you, these are absolutely divine–and good for your skin too!), homeschool themed t-shirts from my son’s business and whatever else we come up with! We have lots of things in the works….new packaging and labeling, new products, and I hope–more sewing patterns. We are really stepping up our selection and hope by years end to have a lot of offerings. Yes, yet another endeavor…but we are just in a perfect place and at the perfect time to launch these projects, we can’t pass it up!

So maybe you are reading this and thinking, but what about the sewing? Where have you been? Are you EVER going to do anything free again? Well, truth be told, yes…I want to do that really bad! Our move a year ago has really put us in the ideal spot for us to branch into building up our farm and home businesses, and really this is where my focus has been especially the past 8 months. My goal for my life is to build up my home business enough that when my kids are heading out on their own, I won’t have to go find a job…I can stay home and do what I love doing! It is a perfect time for all of those back burner projects to become the main course. We are taking advantage of our location and actually being blessed enough to be selling out of eggs every week, selling out of salve and now working towards soap and our crop of farm animals too. It takes a tremendous amount of work and so in between schooling the kids….well you can imagine that I am just not able to get everything done.

Next, our projects include getting our on-the-farm store set up by summer, and we are in the process of applying for solar power. It’s exciting around here, never boring, always lots of work….and lots of play! We love it or we wouldn’t do it!

Life is settling in. When I think about this time last year, I was still a mess! We were sitting in our new home barely a week, surrounded by boxes, breathing a huge sigh of relief to know that we were finally home! It’s amazing what can happen in a year! So much for us has changed, and we are very very thankful for all that the Lord has given us. We get to spend time with family almost daily…and that is just a huge bonus to see the relationships grow with the kids and our family. And, my stinker of a nephew always keeps us hopping! He is a royal mess! But we love him so much!

So maybe this year I can try to accomplish more….sewing???? ūüôā I hope you’ll keep checking in and I am so glad for my faithful followers who keep tabs on me and remind me that you are still out there and interested. It means a lot! You all are special people, and I wish you a very Merry, very Blessed, very Happy Christmas! May the new year find you with so much happiness that you can’t hold on to it all! Nichole, The Happy Wren

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Oh gosh!

Has it really really been that long since I’ve posted???? I am shocked at myself! Well, things have not calmed down. I went from teaching my sewing class, to football for my son, to coop classes with the kids and then we’ve been kicking into high gear around the farm trying to get ready for winter! Which, it is official, we had a dusting of snow today and it’s been bitter cold the past couple of days.

I have not put needle to thread in a long while. We’ve been focused on the farm critters. Goats are now bred thanks to Jeffrey! And…..drum roll….we have puppies! Oh they are soooo cute! Our pyrs had 8 puppies a couple of weeks ago. We lost the runt a week later. He was such a cutie. I called him possom and carried him in my stocking hat with me for days. I tried feeding him goats’ milk with a syringe, but he just couldn’t do it. He died on Thanksgiving day. Then, two mornings ago, we had a roll-over incident. Mamma dog rolled over on a baby in the night and well, he’s now in heaven too. I’ve got three girls and three boys left and they are just amazing. I’ve had Maggie to the vet twice this week for upper and lower respiratory infections. I’ve slept sitting upright in a chair so she could breathe while waiting for morning to get her to a vet. I feel like I’ve had newborns in the house with all the drama. But, I am happy to report that they are all doing well now, fat, happy, eyes open and just so cute I can’t stand it. I will send pics by this weekend so you can see them too!

I was fortunate enough to be given a gift of a 12×16 storage building! A sweet friend from church offered it to us if we could get it moved. Well, we did! It is on our property and leveled. It is the future site of my new store! I plan on selling my salve, soap and other farm products as well as forming a coop to let other moms in my group sell their items as well. It is¬† amazing to see how God is blessing us!

My salve continues to sell very well at the Amish store. I’ve made a ton of soap this past week! Scents like Sweet Pumpkin Pie, Bergamot-Violet, White Chocolate Raspberry, Almond Cream, Island Beach Baby…..sound yummy! It’s made with my own creative recipe that I pieced together from friends tried and true receipts! All natural goat’s milk from my friends farm…it is the best stuff on the planet! Do you think I should offer to sell it on here?????

Well, pics will come. I’ve been out of touch, but life has kept me going 90 miles an hour. So much to do and only one of me! Hope you are feeling the warmth of the holiday season upon you, and the love of Christ in your life! Nichole

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Busy Bee

I’ve been sewing a lot these days…but not what you think! I have a wonderful class of 9 girls that I am teaching through a fun homeschool COOP and they are the sweetest things! I’m enjoying them so very much and wondering why in the world I didn’t do this sooner. It is amazing how much I learn from them. For instance, who would think that I would have more than a couple of lefties? How do you teach that? So we have to think outside the box a little bit. They¬†make me smile and I LOVE that they are so excited about the class–and I get hugs too! Maybe, just maybe, we will keep this amazing art alive. If we don’t pass it on, it will be lost!

Well, on the home front, we are football and football and more football! Our team is definately suffering with injuries, but they sure play with a lot of heart. We have one more month to go and then I am hoping that our schedule will die back a bit. If you all could see the scribbles and lines and crossies and such on my calendar these days, you will see why I never get on here! We are getting more and more active in the homeschool group too and there is always something going on. It’s almost too much. I think on a good week (when I am feeling 100%) I manage much better. But overall, life is really good and I am so happy the kids are making new friends and having some fun!

I am getting more and more involved too. I’ve been doing more things with the church and am getting more involved with the children there and the ministries we have there. This is where my heart is….I see such a need with all our children and families in our church and our town. It is time to make a difference. I feel we are here for a reason. So I feel the Lord is using us and blessing us….it’s an¬†exciting time for us!

Just wanted to check in and say hello to all you lovely ladies all¬†over the world! What have you been working on? Any UFO’S pulled out of a box lately? Any new trends that you have picked up? I am doing small stitcheries as that is all I have time for. I have cut out my quilt completely, but put it back in a box for now. There are just not enough hours in the day.¬†But such is this season in life.

The animals are doing well. We¬†sold a couple of goats and¬†a whole lot of chickens. We are getting ready to send our horse to the trainer for a couple of weeks just up the road from us.¬†We think it will only take a couple of weeks to get her ridable and we are so happy and ready for this! We are working on many fall projects around the farm, but in all truth, the list is too huge. We are already feeling the crispness in the air. The almanac says it will be an even worse winter.¬†My pantry is getting stocked up as we speak. We need to haul firewood that is already¬†down, but it’s ready. We still have to get our woodstove in, that is concerning me. Things are just¬†taking too long to get done. There are not enough hours in the day for us and hubby¬†is working longer hours too. I keep telling myself that it will all get done! On a¬†good note, with my¬†folks here, they have been helping me on the inside of the house. We re-did my laundry¬†room and mud room! We painted it, Dad made me shelves and benches. I bought new rugs and baskets. It is really sweet! Come winter, we’ll have plenty of space to park it while trying to trudge those boots and¬†coveralls off and on.

Blessings to you all! I’m glad to see that¬† you are still here and reading posts. Thanks for stopping in and checking to see what is going on. I know there’s not been anything free for a while….but just my rambling (that is always free!). Take care!¬†Talk to you soon. Nichole¬†


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Last week it was so hot we couldn’t stand it! Today it has been so cool and nice that it feels like fall! All that cool air rushing in through the windows and adding to the dust on the furniture…it’s just a relief! The animals are feeling it too with all their frolicking, kicking, jumping, butting heads together playing queens on the mountain. So funny and cute.

We have started school here at home and although day one didn’t go so well (it usually starts off a little rusty for all of us), we are now rolling along and making great progress. It amazes me to see how much their heads sort of put into pockets all that knowledge that seemed so hard just a few months back. It took me several weeks to get their lesson plans going, ordering the right curriculum and adapting to MO standards. I had to go back and wrap up records/grades and file all their schooling from last year. I’ve been one busy mom (teacher). Football is here as well, so my son is playing. It amazes me that just a couple months ago he was so sickly and weak. Now he can’t get enough to eat and has color to his skin and seems so alive and well! What a blessing!

My daughter is itching to get that horse whipped into shape! So hubby is working on the plans for a round pen, among other projects that got slotted to “fall” as it was just too hot to be alive outside. She is doing well too….adjusting to her braces, writing her books, getting ready to be in a play, loving Christian music. It’s so funny to see her just change so much….where did my little ones go?

Well, as for me….I just go with the flow these days. I have my quilt cut out, but it’s been setting on my sewing table for several weeks now… progress. I have too much to do! But the room is pretty much completed now and I can go in and find whatever I need and work on things as I find the time. We are officially moved in now. I unpacked the last box! ūüôā Farm life has sort of slacked off the past couple of weeks. We’ve got a lot to do now that fall is coming on. The almanac says this winter will be worse than the last one! In that case, we’ve got a lot to do and it will take time….and money….lots of both. Here is our list of things we have to do before it snows!!!!

Winterize the barn: fix stalls, get tarps, extra feed and that storage in place, more hay?, calves will be here soon, fix a window, fix a couple of gates, seal the roof, trim hooves, re-do the tack room walls and organize tack and med closet.

Install woodstove and then (because the chimney will go through daughter’s room/wall) make her closet bigger.

Finish up both bathrooms, which includes fixing the showers, get the rest of the wall paper off, put in new cabinets and lighting and shower/towel rods. Hang the fun stuff. Install exhaust fan/light, paint walls.

Painting: laundry room, mud room, upper hallway, finish up white in main areas of house.

Shelving/benches to be installed in the laundry room and mud room.

These are just a few of the things that need done around here…there are a lot more! We’ve been working hard, taken a little break while it was so hot, now we have to get on it and finish up. I will be teaching a COOP class for the homeschool group for the next 8 weeks. I am very excited about this! It will be great fun and a chance to share my love of sewing with another eager audience!

So that’s all folks! We’ve just been living life, hanging out at the pool, trying to keep the yard mowed and the critters happy. Really busy with church stuff too. Sorry that there’s not a lot on here about sewing, but this happy wren just has a lot going on in the nest. I hope in the next few months to get back in the swing of things and get some sewing done. Thanks for stopping by! I hope that as the kids are getting back to school and life feels more in a routine that¬† you are enjoying yourself….whatever that may be! Blessings! Nichole

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